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Leonardo is a professional magician in the Art of Magic. He is an active member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the SociStage performance with dove ety of American Magicians.

He has been  performing magic since he was 6 years old. During the 44 years of performing magic, he has performed for all types of organizations, corporations and private events, just to name a few. He has done several television commercials and performed for both large and small audiences.

Leonardo enjoys (and it shows) performing magic and entertaining audiences of all ages. The magic that he performs, not only entertains the audience, it is also used as a way to promote a product or company as well as used to get a message across to the audience.

He has several types of shows that he performs for various audiences. During his performance, he interacts with and uses a lot of audience participation. Leonardo uses live animals in his show that he treats like royalty. His shows involve magic and comedy that is guaranteed to be unforgettable, entertaining and used as a conversational piece hours after he has disappeared!

* References and promotional material available upon request!

Leonardo performs mostly in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York areas. When requested Leonardo will travel anywhere to bring you quality professional entertainment at a reasonable price.

Magic By Leonardo

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